About Our Team

Surgeons / Physicians

Your orthopedic surgeon will visit you daily, beginning the day after the procedure. The surgeons also have physician assistants and nurse associates highly involved in overseeing your care and who maintain close contact with your surgeon. They will be visiting you daily as well.

Physical Therapy

The Oklahoma Spine & Orthopedic Institute has dedicated physical therapists specializing in joint motion and exercise. Therapists provide evaluation and treatment twice a day, Monday through Friday, and daily on Saturdays and Sundays. Physical therapy begins the day after surgery and continues for the duration of your hospital stay. Therapists also provide information regarding a home exercise program prior to your hospital discharge.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on assessing your abilities to perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, and reaching for items up high or down low. Therapists provide individualized teaching plans to make these activities simpler for you.

Nursing Team

You will have a nursing team assigned to your care on a daily basis. This team consists of a registered nurse and a nursing technician. We also utilize licensed practical nurses on our teams – the members continually communicate your progress and needs with one another.

Case Management

Hospital case managers work with patients to meet their health care needs. A case manager will meet with you before surgery to discuss the equipment that will be needed after joint replacement surgery. The case manager will also assist with discharge planning and arrangements for home health care.